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About Attorney Joanna Fraczek

(also known as Joanna Gibelev)

Attorney Joanna Fraczek experienced divorce firsthand. After migrating to the United States from Poland, with her immediate family members left behind, the only family she had was her spouse. When they split up, she had to rely on her tight group of friends and a solid group of professionals to help her through.

From her history, she more than understands the importance of a divorce attorney’s assistance. That's why, for Joanna, it is important to always offer a reasonable dialog, constructive approach and emotional balance. She strives to offer the best possible assistance for her clients that she can.

When she can truly relates to a problem, it's easy to do her best work with passion and dedication. Since she can relate to the problems of her clients through her own history and experience, she always represents her clients to the best of her ability.

As a legal professional, her career has always revolves around public service. She started as an intern at the Milwaukee Public Defender’s Office and moved on to the Milwaukee City Attorney’s Office. This was when she had a chance to start as paralegal until becoming certified to practice law in the State of Wisconsin in 2013.

While here in Wisconsin, her goals and job have focused on working with people from Milwaukee. From those facing home foreclosures, bankruptcies, prosecution for municipal violations, and more. From those experiences, it just shows how different each person's situation is and how a person has to be flexible to carefully address each client's case.

Why Practice Law? 

Attorney Joanna Fraczek knew in high school that she wanted to become an attorney. She graduated in 2007 from the University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska in Lublin, Poland. After graduating, she immigrated to the United States, but was not able to practice law. This is because she didn’t have any personal or professional connections to be able to network and help her get on the professional path.

In the meantime before being able to practice law, Joanna enrolled in a paralegal program at MATC, primarily to meet people in the legal field. Eventually this led to her getting internship at the Public Defender’s Office. This then led to a job with the City Attorney’s Office. Two years later she wrote a petition to the State Bar Examiners to take the bar exam where the changes are very slim of being heard.

Through her knowledge and determination, she was able to take the bar exam and passes. This shows that she is willing to go work exceptionally hard and diligently in order to reach her ultimate goal: to help others.

In her free time, she enjoys actively participating as a member of several professional organizations and local Polish heritage group. Although the added work from these organizations is hard, she takes pride in being able to help connect Wisconsin and the Lublin Region on as many levels as she possibly can.



Doctor of Jurisprudence, J.D.

The Master of Laws, LL.M

Maria Curie-Sklodowska University

Lublin, Poland


School of American Law Certificate

The John Paul II Catholic University
In collaboration with Chicago-Kent College of Law

Lublin, Poland

Practice Areas


Child Custody

Spousal Support

Bar Membership

State Bar of Wisconsin

Admitted in 2013

Eastern District of Wisconsin

Admitted in 2013

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